Plan, execute and monitor your company's projects, easily and efficiently!

gestor de proyectos empresariales

Manage projects, assign roles/functions, set deadlines and receive reminders with Integrity Proyectos. 

Your (activity/function/company) budgets will ever again be a problem!

  • Coordinate activities 

  • Schedule tasks with your team 

  • Compile/Attach documents

  • Manage resources and budgets

Display/assign assignments to your contributors/team and track the progress of your projects.

Have an instant display of (Instantly display) you and your team's work! 

Through the use of personalized calendars, organize deadlines, add activities and visualize your schedule, quickly and easily

Attach documents to your (task box?) and organize your daily activities

Increase  productivity and coordinate the work of your collaborators and colleagues.

Know in detail your company activities - by project, employee, client and any other category, organizing activity reports into dashboards and graphic displays 


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